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Our Story

Founded in 2019 Zoomers Employment Services set out to be a leader in the staffing industry in the Vancouver area. 

Then in 2020, Covid-19 Pandemic caused a global shift beyond economics and a Labor Market shift began.  

And as the world reopened the needs of employees changed, the goals of employers changed and the design of the workplace changed. 

Zoomers Employment Services was poised and prepared to meet this change. 

Rather than managing an endless list of industries Zoomers has a laser focus on three: Hospitality, Social Services, and Education. They apply a comprehensive application process that includes employment/education verifications, reference checks, live interviews, id verification, and industry-specific assessments. 

Job interview

Our Mission

Zoomers Employment Services is on a Mission to put great workers to work.

This is done by connecting the right people, with the right job at the right time with a Strategic Recruitment Process.

As the result, Zoomers applicants bring their professional talents to the job.

Our Vision

Zoomers believes Great workers work!!

So,  they have set out to create a company that uses a modern approach to the new labor market.

Their strategic recruitment plan brings together the goals and values of the company with the skills and attributes of the employee to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

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